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Day of Women of the Americas

Communiqué No. 02

On this 93rd anniversary of the Inter-American Commission on Women (CIM), the Organization of Women of the Americas (OWA/OMA) joins in commemoration of the 39th Day of the Women of the Americas.

Women at work
Day of Women of The Americas

Since its founding in 1997, OWA/OMA has sought to do all in its power to meet the needs of and to provide solutions to the myriad challenges facing women and children in the Americas. The organization has also endeavored to consistently sensitize the public to the nature of these challenges.

Today OWA/OMA pays special tribute to the women of the Americas as the Covid-19 pandemic further highlights existing societal norms that disproportionately affect us - specifically education, employment, parity of wages, unplanned pregnancy and violence.

We also salute the many female leaders and women’s organizations offering different perspectives, approaches and skills to end this global public health crisis. We thank them for their compassion and empathy.

Further we take this opportunity to applaud frontline workers across the Americas – primarily women who themselves are at risk - for their selfless care of those affected by Covid-19.

Deborah Stoute Lynch President Organization of Women of the Americas Washington, D.C. February 17, 2021

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